Same Day CEREC® Porcelain Crowns

According to (as reviewed by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine), between 9 and 15 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to fear.  For this reason, dental patients are looking for faster and easier methods to attend to their dental health needs.  While a traditional crown will require multiple appointments over several days, the CEREC® porcelain crown can be done in one day from start to finish.

Benefits Of The CEREC® Porcelain Crown

The benefits include:

  • All ceramic material
  • The natural color of your teeth
  • Utilizes 3D computer technology
  • Affordable dental technology


The CEREC® porcelain crown technology is absolutely state-of-the-art and designed to be used quickly and efficiently to allow the dentist to offer the best treatment for the patient.  The CAD (computer-aided design) technology utilized with CEREC® is revolutionary in dentistry and results in precision and cosmetic perfection.


Say goodbye to temporary crowns and multiple days of recovery and pain.  CEREC® porcelain crown procedures take just a few hours from beginning to end.  They require less preparation time and preserve more of the tooth.  According to, the CEREC® crown is also far more budget friendly for the patient.  While the cost is similar to traditional crowns, money is saved due to fewer dental appointments and materials used.  Because the CEREC® porcelain crown takes 3D images using CAD technology, the discomfort of having impressions made is also a thing of the past.


Do not hesitate to take the leap forward using the most innovative crown technology available.  The same day CEREC® porcelain crown is the most comfortable, cost-effective, and precise technology in the dental field.  Contact us for a consultation where you can get more information on the CEREC® porcelain crown and how it might be the best fit for you.