Invisalign® Invisible Braces

A smile radiates positivity beyond your own improved personal interactions — everyone you smile at is more likely to smile at the next person, and the good vibes spread!  Imagine how much more you would flash your pearly whites if you knew your teeth were dazzling, and how your life could be significantly improved by investing in your smile, then showing it off as often as possible.  Treatment for your smile is now more accessible than ever, more affordable, and less invasive thanks to Invisalign.


What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal bracket braces that will discreetly upgrade your smile without requiring you to make any changes to your usual brushing and flossing routine.  It will also allow you to maintain your existing routine at your dental office without complicating in-office cleanings.  A series of clear alignment molds are made just for you, according to a plan made by a dentist and reviewed by you, so you know you will be getting the results you want, and you can smile with confidence every step of the way.

We offer Invisalign treatment services right here at DC Smile Studio.  The process is simple, and all visits will take place in our office — no extra trips to a separate orthodontist — to get your own unique set of clear, removable molds.  The timeline from start to finish varies but can be anywhere from one to two years — comparable to the traditional metal bracket and wire braces.  If you want straighter teeth at maximum convenience, this may be the option for you.


Contact us today and schedule a visit at our conveniently located DC Smile Studio to find out more about Invisalign and the many other dental services we offer.  We are professionals with experience, and your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.