White Dental Fillings

If you have fillings, you’re not alone. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, up to 91 percent of American adults have at least one cavity.  Cavities in visible locations can be filled with innovative white fillings, which are made from a type of white resin, that are stronger and far less noticeable than traditional silver fillings.


Advantages Of White Fillings

White fillings have several advantages over traditional silver fillings.  For many people, the subtle appearance of this type of filling is the first to come to mind.  White fillings are far less noticeable than traditional fillings, which can significantly increase an individual’s confidence and self-esteem, especially in the case of fillings that are in highly visible locations.  Some other advantages of white fillings include:

  • Strength and longevity that comes from attaching to the enamel, which often allows white fillings to last longer than traditional fillings
  • Ability to match the color to the rest of the tooth, which allows the filling to be even less noticeable
  • Typically covered in full by insurance companies for visible locations, even though the total cost can be higher than traditional fillings


How Much Do White Fillings Cost?

While patients can expect that, on average, white fillings cost more than traditional silver fillings, most insurance companies cover much of the cost.  In many cases, insurance companies will pay the difference to cover the full cost of visible white fillings, though some will only cover the amount that a traditional silver filling would cost in locations that are not visible.  On average, white fillings cost approximately $30-$40 more than silver fillings.


Am I A Candidate For White Fillings?

White fillings are generally a good choice for patients who:

  • Are committed to caring for their teeth properly, such as by using a whitening toothpaste in order to keep the color of their teeth matching their fillings
  • Are able to cover any extra cost of white fillings
  • Have cavities on their visible teeth


At DC Smile Studio, our Washington DC dentists care about helping our patients increase their self-esteem by maintaining a healthy smile.  Contact us today to learn more about how we use white fillings to subtly treat cavities or to schedule an appointment!